Whether it is your first time travelling to Istanbul city, the second time, or the tenth time you will always search the internet for a cheap flight to Istanbul. Actually, everyone looks for such an option not just you, and people always ask when the best time to book a flight to Istanbul is. And what is the cheapest flight to Istanbul. Thus, in this article you will find answers to the question you and everybody else asks all the time.


First of all and in general, Travelling to Istanbul is not that expensive anyway because compared to other touristic and famous cities, Istanbul city is considered cheap. You might pay more on your ticket but you will not be spending much money in the city.


According to statistical studies, Istanbul city becomes full with tourists and foreigners starting from April and ending with October. Thus, booking a flight during this period will definitely be more expensive than usual but it does not have to be very expensive. We cannot actually tell real numbers because it differs from country to other but in general, you will be paying a hundred US Dollars more on average.


By the end of October to the beginning of April, less foreigners visit Istanbul city due to school seasons, jobs, and wet winter days that may be not preferred for tourists and other reasons. This is why flights are cheap during these months. In fact, January and February offer the cheapest flights to Istanbul in general, of course you would still find companies offer higher fees than other companies and travelling agencies but overall, the flights prices are at the lowest prices during these two months. Some flights actually reach 156 Euro or something around 170 US Dollars which is considered a really cheap flight.

In any case, it doesn’t really matter at what season you are booking your flight compared to how you are booking it. There is a trick that most people do not know about, especially those who are travelling for the first time to Istanbul. As we all know, Istanbul city is an attractive city for tourists because of its beautiful sights and rich culture and because of that, flight tickets usually increase quickly and you can see that during summer time. If you check one of the flight ticket prices and come back after two hours, you will find the same flight ticket but with a higher price. Thus, the best solution is to book your flight 8 weeks earlier and if you are not sure whether you are definitely traveling or not, you can book your flight 6-4 weeks earlier. In this way, you will be able to find much cheaper flight tickets and face no problems of full flights.


Another good advice for you is that sometimes travel agencies offer people a tour package. Which means you can buy a flight ticket, book a hotel, and join a tour trip with cheap price compared to what you are going to pay if you go on your own because these agencies usually get offers from different airlines companies or have direct contracts with them. Thus, make sure to check the agencies near you, it doesn’t always work but still, sometimes you can find what you are looking for.


One other question that most people do not care about but actually can make a noticeable difference during busy summer time is which day is the cheapest to buy a ticket and fly to Istanbul?